New items!!

Well it has been awhile and finally have some new items coming out!! Still working on MLP (my little pony’s). Here are some of the new items I have out in case you missed them on my facebook page.

Regis the Baby Reindeer–$55.00–Colors as shown–Processing time is 2 weeks


chevron border_Fotor_Collage

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Been Busy with Projects

As you know summer can be a little crazy around my home with 3 kids, 7 cats and husband and father. Our house is very busy!! I have been working on several more projects for this year!! I have some My Little Ponies coming out soon, some chevron hats, scarfs and cowls. I have finally finished my first Portrait blanket–Young Elvis!!  He was a labor of love and will be going up for sale in my shop today!!



I also have a corner to corner blanket up for sale in my store.































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A little monster for your ” Little Monster”!

I have this cute cuddly monster all ready to go for your ” little monster”! I know that I have several little monsters that lovey this cutie!  This little monster lovey is $26.00, you get to choose 3 colors and processing time is 1 week!

th (15)_Fotor_Collage

I will also be releasing a Corner to Corner throw and a mickey mouse hat!!


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Done with “Dirk” the Dragon CAL

I finally finished my “DIRK” the Dragon CAL!!

Here is my finished product!!






























Now for the technical stuff– I used a different weight yarn–4 worsted weight, I also used a 3.25mm (size D) Crochet hook and since I only loom knit I did the scarf on a loom. Now I did a scarf on my KB loom first the way the directions in the pattern had and I didn’t like the way it looked so I used this fun little loom tool


It gives you a round scarf instead and I really liked the look!!

Also my finished product ended up being 21.5 inches high!!

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Doing a CAL this month why don’t you join me!!

The other day I was looking through my newsfeed on Facebook and came across a CAL (crochet along) post that looks like a lot of fun. So I clicked on the link and it brought me over to this wonderful blog. Here is the link–

The CAL is for Lalylala Dirk the Dragon!! This is such an adorable pattern that I just couldn’t say NO to it. I have copied the rules but if you would like to participate with me here is some of the information.

  • First get the pattern for Dirk the Dragon for one of Lalylala’s shops ravelryetsy or on her website!
  • Please share this CAL on your blogs, Facebook pages, etc., You can also register for my newsletter to keep posted  on updates. Register in the comments to this posts (please put your blog or Facebook page addresses).
  • the choice of yarn, cotton, wool and colors is completely up to you!
  • If you have a blog let me know via PM or comments under this posts when your article with the pictures of your Dirk have been published.
  • If you do not have a blog you’ll just have to send me your pictures!
  • When the CAL is over all of the pics will be published on Virginie’s Oh Bout Du Fil… blog!

END OF REGISTRATIONS is  Monday April 14th, and your Dirk needs to be hooked and introduced by June 2nd!

You will have to register on the other blog to participate in her CAL again the blog site is

This pattern comes in several different languages so give it a try!!

Here is the link to her Ravelry page–—lalylala-crochet-pattern-n-vi—dragon-dinosaur

Also this is her picture of her pattern but I thought you should see it!!





Come join my in the fun CAL!! I will be using some different yarn then what is called for and some different hooks because it is not easy for me to access fingerling yarn. I want to make one that is out of Red Hearts or I love this yarn. Will have to see how it turns out

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Out of Hibernation!!

Well it seems like I have been hibernating for too long!! I was very busy for the Christmas season and finally got caught up in February. Since then I have been busy working on new items for my store and trying to finish up some of my fun projects that I have been wanting to do for forever it seems or those projects that you get started and then set aside because you get busy with orders and what not!! I have several new items that came out and several more coming out really soon. I am also participating in a CAL (crochet along) over the next few weeks and will be posting about that this week. Here are 3 of the new item that I have up for sale. Within the next week I will be releasing some of my Easter items. Hope you enjoy!!

Remember you can following me on Facebook, Pintrest and Check out my store directly. Here are the links–

Facebook page–


Storenvy store—

DSC_0040_Fotor_Collage DSC_0046_Fotor_Collage th (4)_Fotor_Collage

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Come and Visit Me at the Craft Fair!!

I have been super busy getting ready for this craft fair on Saturday!! Come and check out my booth and get in your order for the Christmas Holiday!!

Remember– Get your orders in by November 15th, 2013 so that you can get your items in time for Christmas!





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